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Coniferous Cafe is located in Jacksonville Florida’s Urban Core. You will find us at the corner of Laura and Monroe streets, adjacent to Hemming Park. 




The Infoshop

Our Infoshop offers a variety of books, zines, accessories and apparel exploring perspectives not typically represented in mainstream outlets.
In addition to literature and accessories, there is an action packed events calendar that boasts a wide range of community-driven events including poetry nights , live music, and presentations on a wide range of topics, there is something for everyone.

See our events page for this months activities. Or submit a pitch for your event here.

The Cafe

Our Cafe offers the freshest, locally roasted coffee and espresso. As well as an assortment of organic tea, locally produced kombucha and refreshing Italian sodas. Our food menu includes a variety goodies and light snacks.
In order to provide for all members of our community we offer a ‘Pay-it Forward Food Solidarity’ initiative. Folks can purchase additional food and drink items to be picked up by members of the displaced community at a later date. 








What people are saying about us!


“A much-needed intentional gathering space,
a balm for the soul and a reminder that the counterculture is hard at work.”
-Keri Foster

“Great cold brew, even better politics.”
-Andrew Courtney

“The Coniferous Cafe is captivatingly creative.
Beautiful artwork combined with music, coffee and soul which make this a great addition to the downtown scene of Jacksonville. Every unconventional idea has an opportunity to be voiced with love and adoration. One visit and you will forget what Starbucks even means.”
-Jacob Schuman

“Best place in town with wonderful grassroots organization!!”
-Emi Lou Litchfield

“Coniferous Cafe is unlike any other place in Jax. It’s a community. It’s a coffeehouse. It’s a bookshop. It’s an art space.
But it’s more than the sum of its parts.”
– Tim Gilmore

“Just what was needed in the urban core! I especially dig the cold brew.”
-Sondra Fetner

“For free thinkers, Revolutionaries and activists of all shapes and sizes. Coming from a small town where questioning things tends to be discouraged, it’s so amazing to have places like this. We should all strive to have gratitude for that basic right; and to fight for it when necessary.”
-Rachel Brooks

Browse our Collection of Progressive Literature in the Cafe Infoshop

Wide Variety of Programming Most Days of the Week

Buy our Coffee by the Pound

Poetry Nights 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month